Wedding ceremony

The solemn wedding ceremony, the bride and groom is an official part of the celebrations, which are particularly demanding to detail. You have a great opportunity to order accessories, decorations and decor to design the Agency Svadba Dream. Registration can take place at the wedding Palace or be away. The latter are gaining in popularity, because you can arrange a celebration on nature, in the Park, on the waterfront and even on the roof of a skyscraper. The directory attributes for the solemn painting presents to your attention the accessories for honeymooners, elegant pads, and podstavochki for rings, beautiful folders for evidence of marriage, baskets for petals of roses. Official wedding ceremony in the registry office ends with the waltz Mendelssohn, and the porch of the Palace wedding the newlyweds met fireworks with confetti and serpentine. The goods for the decoration of the Banquet in the restaurant will decorate the second part of a classic celebration with congratulations from the guests and presentation of gifts.

Organizing and conducting a beautiful wedding ceremony - design and decoration

Professional organizing and conducting a beautiful wedding ceremony will leave pleasant impressions about the happiest event in your life, guests will be enchanted and moved. For brilliant check we recommend to buy the design and decoration in the online store.

Preparation before the wedding includes a selection of writing materials for upcoming paintings – it handles, decorated with ribbons and rhinestones, with stands and without, as well as albums for wishes. Using live or artificial flowers handmade veils, lace ribbon you can decorate the arch for registration. Thanks to entire collections of wedding accessories that are selected in the same style, you elegant to decorate the ceremony the newlyweds. Festive paraphernalia, widely represented in the catalogue, shows glasses for the newlyweds, plate smashing, jewelry for champagne. Managers will tell you how to organize a solemn official part of the wedding that it was beautiful and tasteful.
This stage can be beat the following:

  • To arrange the ceremony with the check out. To carry out such registration at a time convenient for you, not crowding in the registry office waiting for their queues to the same scope for decorating a wedding arch, Seating for guests, buffet table.
  • To plan a fashion show for young and elegant beauties of the night, or a photo session each guest with the bride and groom. Walk on the red carpet in fancy dress – the dream of every girl and women.
  • Use interesting ideas for decorating a Banquet hall: drawing up a plan for Seating guests, decorating the tables with flowers, shapes from balloons.
  • To discuss with the master of ceremonies, how to conduct traditional ceremonies "the meeting of the newlyweds with bread and salt", "breaking glasses for good luck."

How is the procedure of marriage registration in the registry office it is necessary to know in advance to the key point of the wedding fit into the overall script of the day. The exit sign gives you more opportunities to decorate this solemn moment. Exquisite merchandise, vocabulatory, amazing beauty will make your wedding pictures are just gorgeous. Let the imagination formed the plot of your dreams, make a detailed description of the ceremony, and trust us. Solutions from the stylish collections or custom made will be the embodiment of your dreams.

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