Preparations for the wedding

To the preparations for the wedding were well organized and the attention to detail, make a phased plan and monitor its implementation as it approaches the celebration. Choose a place for a Banquet and on-site registration, buy wedding dresses, to arrange photos and video, invite guests, book accessories, jewelry and decor for the decoration of the ceremony – each item in this list is extremely important. The catalog of our online store Svadba Dream will be the best guide to wedding preparations, you will not miss any important moment, and most importantly in your life the event will be held at the star level. Exclusive handmade goods and unusual accessories for the Grand Banquet and registration is available in the wedding collections accessories. Champagne glasses for the newlyweds painted, strands of beads and satin décor, set of candles – symbolic attributes of the new family hearth.

To buy jewelry, small decor for wedding preparation in online store

A wedding is an event which can be vivid and stunning, but the ceremony of registration and the official part of the event needs to be refined and flawless, so just need to buy jewelry, small decor for wedding preparation. Style and elegance in everything: in the Internet-shop you can choose decorations for a wedding reception and Banquet halls, accessories for the procedure of marriage, to order the Seating chart for the gala evening.

Whole wedding collection, skillfully selected by our designers, will help arrange the ceremony, starting from the folder for the marriage certificate and pads for rings to chest for monetary gifts and a wedding cake. Preparation before marriage for many girls is the search for the dress of your dream and creating the perfect image. Charming bouquet with satin ribbon in the color of shoes or jewelry, trendy clutch bag, delicate umbrella – every detail must be thought out in advance. Paraphernalia designed to pay tribute to the traditions, it is also very important: this towels for loaf, dishes and glasses smashing on the happiness bouquet-double, which will catch your bridesmaids.

The training phase includes:

  • The choice of wedding outfits for the bride and groom, addition their elegant accessories.
  • Compiling a guest list, handing out beautifully designed invitations. The preparation of gifts for guests. This can be the wedding favors – small boxes of chocolates in heart-themed magnets, Souvenirs.
  • The design of the Seating chart, each table in the Banquet hall accompanied by a card with a number to make it easy to find your place at the gala evening. All invitees should be comfortable in the company of friends or relatives.
  • Fun bachelor and bachelorette parties with fun gifts and cool attributes for the photo shoot. Better to plan this event early, not the night before the wedding.
  • The purchase of kits for the ransom, they will help to prepare for the wedding the bridesmaids, because they have "experience" of the groom and make a little entertainment for guests.

Luxurious wedding procession is an indispensable element of the event. Decorate car decorative ribbons, stylish ribbons handmade dolls of the bride and groom. Wedding rings on the roof or the hood of the car is a classic wedding paraphernalia. Ring with bells inside, surrounded by white, tea or red roses tell the world about the joyous event of your life.

Order everything you need to prepare for the wedding in advance, we offer in our salon store Svadba Dream. Leave the application on our website or call by phone +7 (800) 333-08-94, our managers will consult you on all questions.