Wedding walk

Wedding walk young bride and groom is a great opportunity to relax and relieve anxiety after the official ceremony, enjoy the most beautiful places of your city or landscape sketches in nature. This part of the festive day will give you the most romantic and high-quality footage of the happy day, so you need to order accessories, jewelry and decor for holiday decoration and original photo shoot. Catalog online store Svadba Dream will tell you what products are suitable for a well-organized walk. The couple needs to think in advance, what will be occupied guests during their photo shoot, how to throw a party outdoors or in a secluded picturesque corner of the Park. For going on an impromptu picnic perfect accessories such as disposable tableware, plastic wine glasses, napkins wedding symbols, a charming basket with champagne and fruits. Graceful attributes for photography Bridal will add lightness, airiness and charm.

Beautiful wedding, the newlyweds walk after the Registrar - ideas for photo shoots

Beautiful wedding, the newlyweds walk after the Registrar will bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasant experiences. The most amazing views and creative ideas for photo shoots suggest to complement wedding trivia: a Lacy parasol in the tone of the wedding dress will give a touch of gentility, funny speech clouds on sticks will lift your spirits.

Wedding procession – styled crew, which will be a first trip-walk the newlyweds. Ring with bells inside, immersed in tea, white or red roses will be the symbolic decor of the car. Luxurious two-tone ruffled ribbon, wedding supplies, ribbons of the tricolor with labels, artificial flowers will adorn the hood of the car.

The young walk in the Park, the promenade, water skiing, visiting estates or just cherished corners, which hosted the first dates of the bride and groom. Select the appropriate scenario, and your wedding will be special. To arrange a photo shoot in a single plot will help Bridal accessories and original props.

In the preparation phase this part of the day:

  • Clearly consider the route. To visit the most interesting places to pay tribute to the traditions and to get to the Banquet – the program should not be too saturated.
  • A walk in the Park after registration at the registry office may contain a small buffet. A picnic basket with disposable dishes, champagne and fruits will be very useful.
  • Purchase a set of games and activities to occupy guests at a wedding a walk during the photo shoot the newlyweds.
  • Order your love padlock engraved with the names of the bride and groom. It can be hung on the bridge which you will walk, and the keys thrown into the river.
  • Stock up on bottles of bubbles, confetti, crackers, artificial flower petals, balloons and kites, to osypanie, which you can distribute to guests. Fairy extravaganza in the performance of the friends you provided.

Consultants and designers of our Agency will gladly tell you how to decorate a Bridal walk at the wedding, choose bright details, will show you stylish collection of holiday décor, demonstrate the ability of vocabulatory. In our showroom store you will see ready-made images that can be created using the kits for a fun photo session of bride, groom and their guests. Wedding paraphernalia will add flavor and give megabytes of cool frames.

We recommend to buy jewelry, small decor for walks the young in the online store. Leave the application on our website or call by phone +7 (800) 333-08-94, our managers will consult you on all matters related to the organization of this phase of the ceremony.